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Bicycle Repair Kit

Bicycle Repair Kit

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Bicycle Repair Kit with Air Pump Converter, Tire Patch, and Multi-Functional Wrench This set of tools is perfect for riders who want their bike ready for any situation. The air pump converter, tire patch, and multi-functional wrench make quick work of minor repairs, keeping your bike in top condition.

1. Portable Repair Kit: This set of tools includes everything needed for bike repairs, plus a storage bag for easy portability.

2. Comprehensive Tools: An air pump, tire patch, and multi-functional wrench can fulfill most maintenance needs.

3. Glueless Tire Patch: Trouble-free tire repair with no messy adhesives!

4. Multi-Functional Wrench: 16 tools combined into one compact design great for easy carrying.

5. Universal Air Pump Converter: Switch between Presta and Schrader valves with ease.



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